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Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

 Enhanced Edge Cleaning
 Air Drying
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Benefit From Your Committed portable cordless Vacuum Cleaner Factory

Trust LINCINCO for top-notch portable cordless vacuum cleaners. Our expertly crafted cleaners offer unmatched performance, whether tackling wet spills or dry debris. With adjustable suction and durable build, they provide powerful and long-lasting cleaning results. Simplify your cleaning routine with our reliable solutions. Contact us now for product details and a quick quote.

Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner L63B

Experience the power and convenience of our advanced portable cordless Vacuum Cleaners. Featuring innovative technology and a lightweight, portable design, they make cleaning effortless. With user-friendly control panels and adjustable suction, you can tackle various cleaning tasks with ease. Our XL63B model offers a two-section detachable design, wireless operation, an aluminum alloy body with a PVC handlebar, and a transparent PV shell with brushed feet. Upgrade your cleaning routine today.

Product Information

portable cordless Vacuum Cleaner LINCINCO Suction Scrubber
Intelligent Suction Mopping Light Self-Cleaning
cordless Vacuum Cleaner supplier Hommization.
Intelligent Suction Mopping Light Self-Cleaning
Abandon the old forced forward drag force Safer and easier for the elderly or children to use
portable cordless Vacuum Cleaner Pollution-free.
Easy to use, Easy to clean Vacuuming, Mopping And Washing In One Step
cordless Vacuum Cleaner supplier Electric machinery.
High Performance Variable Frequency Motor Low Noise Operation, Energy Saving And High Efficiency
cordless Vacuum Cleaner factory Circulation duct
Cyclonic Circulation Air Duct 72db Low Noise Light Cleaning
Cyclone type noise reduction air duct, with brushless motor to generate 57AW pneumatic power. Inlet and outlet airflow silencers are designed with air fluid trajectory to greatly reduce noise.
cordless Vacuum Cleaner Protective layer
Antimicrobial Protection Layer For Suction Channels Non-Stick Dirt Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Odor
Maintains smooth water flow in pipes at all times Reduce water pollution by not accumulating dirt

Why Choose Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner L63B

One-click self-cleaning

No manual cleaning of brushes or machine required. Wash and dry instantly for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Colorful light technology

Combines aesthetic design with eye-catching lighting effects.

Integrated mopping and vacuuming

Can mop the floor at the same time, Vacuum, portable cordless Vacuum Cleaner effectively separate debris.

Soft and hard bristle brushes

Suitable for various floor types such as short-haired carpets, tiles, laminate flooring, and stone.

Large 2600mAh battery capacity

Provides over 30 minutes of continuous operation.

Powerful suction system

Optimized fluid engineering structure for enhanced suction performance.

Voice prompts and smart reminders

Convenient and user-friendly operation.

Health protection with electrolyzed water

Eliminates bacteria safely and leaves no residue, making it safe for babies and pets.

Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner Knowledge

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