bio ionic hair dryer
5 in 1 High Speed Hair Dryer LX669
Change Your Daily Look As You Wish
1300w Power, 3 min Quick Dry
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Bio Ionic Hair Dryer Specifications

Ionic Hair Dryer
Anti-radiation Pregnant 
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Core Selling Points

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Unbelievable! Billions of Negative Ions 
Awaken Your Hair To New Life
Upgrade to 650 million negative ions to neutralize the positive charge of hair, at a fraction of the cost. Enhance the activity of hair mother cells, improve the hair ecosystem at the root, and Helps hair shine.
bio ionic hair dryer
Change Your Daily Look 
To Your Heart's Content 
Suitable For All Occasions
5 accessory heads to mix and match Easy to create more than 100 kinds of hairstyles From the beginning to the end, you'll be able to hold your own.
Ionic Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer Factory
Intelligent Heating And 
Cooling Control 
Blow Drying And Styling 
At The Same Time
Cold wind does not sting, hot wind does not hurt hair, intelligent cooling and heating cycle, blow drying and styling synchronization.Shorten styling time, long-lasting maintenance of styling without collapsing.
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Speed Blow Black Technology 
High-Speed Brushless Motor
Refuse to hurt hair by high temperature, 110,000 rpm ultra-high speed motor quickly takes away the moisture from the surface of the hair, avoiding damage to the hair
bio ionic hair dryer
Airflow Molding Without High Temperature 
Curl As Much As You Want.
Hot air curling, one touch cold air styling (about 20-40 seconds) Protect your hair from heat damage. We take care of every step
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Curling Styling / Blow Drying / 
Smoothing Straightening / 
Styling Hair Salon In One Step
Say goodbye to cumbersome, a set of all the required functions of hair 5 functions, a collection of negative ion blow dry / smooth hair straightening / curling / styling and shaping in one

Advantage of Lincinco Bio Ionic Hair Dryer

Discover the future of hair drying with Lincinco's advanced technology and innovative design. Our bio ionic hair dryer is engineered to address common hair care concerns while enhancing your daily routine.

5-in-1 Marvel

Unleash creativity with our ionic hair dryer—Tyle, Blow dry, Smooth, Curl, and Style—all in one sleek package. One unit, five functions, endless possibilities!

Style in Seconds

Redefine your look with high-speed drying. Achieve trendy hairstyles effortlessly, thanks to our innovative design

Ionic Elegance

Elevate your routine with our 4-billion-level negative ion tech. Bid farewell to frizz; say hello to locks radiating health and vitality.

Tangle-Free Tech

Say goodbye to hair nightmares! Our ionic hair dryer's grid design prevents tangles, offering a seamless styling experience.

Power Unleashed

Fueled by a 110,000 RPM brushless motor, our dryer ensures swift, salon-perfect results in record time.

Tranquil Styling

At 65dB and 1300W, our dryer ensures powerful yet quiet performance. Create undisturbed, stunning looks—where innovation meets tranquility!
We are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art bio ionic hair dryer, Manufactured to perfection, and delivered on time and within your budget. Experience excellence today!

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