poweart cordless vacuum cleaner
Latest Design 
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner S7
- 12000PA high suction power 
- Dual Brush Sweeping, Suction and Mopping,Separate Sewage and Clean Water 
- Electrolyzed water sterilization, double roller brush, close to the edge of the sweeping 
- Hot air drying, upright protection
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LINCINCO is your reliable smart vacuum cleaner manufacturers in china, with decades of experience in the smart cleaning industry, we have a professional team of R&D and project engineers. We specialize in the manufacture of cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner , and can provide customers with OEM/ODM services, as well as high-quality, intelligent cleaning solutions. View other models...

3-in-1 Best cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner

LINCINCO is a vacuum cleaner supplies in China, our poweart cordless vacuum cleaner is a multi-functional floor scrubber that integrates wireless sweeping, suction, mopping, and washing. It has functions such as large suction, long battery life, super labor-saving, and sterilization. It is suitable for both dry and wet cleaning tasks. With powerful suction and long-lasting performance, our products efficiently clean up dust, spills and small debris in your home environment.
We pay attention to quality and reliability, and through strict quality inspection and testing to ensure that each Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner can provide an excellent user experience. Choose Lincinco, you will get first-class quality, intelligent cleaning technology and excellent service.

Advantage of Poweart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner ?

The function of the floor scrubber machine is diverse and powerful, which is equivalent to the combination of cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner + mop, realizing the effect of 1+1>2, bringing you a brand new cleaning experience.
First of all, the floor washing machine has three functions of suction, mopping and washing, which can complete the vacuuming, mopping and washing of the ground at the same time, and has an excellent cleaning effect on stubborn stains.
Secondly, the innovative design of the floor scrubber machine solves the troubles of the traditional mop, and no longer needs to wash the mop by hand, allowing you to completely free your hands.
Finally, the floor scrubber breaks through the limitations of traditional products and can effectively deal with the problem of wet garbage. Traditional sweeping robots or cordless actuators are often difficult to deal with wet garbage, but scrubbers can easily deal with dry and wet garbage, providing you with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Why Choose Lincinco?


Lincinco production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Customized Design

We have rich experience in OEM industry service, can help you customize the appearance, function and user experience to ensure the perfect fit between the product and the brand.

Technical Support

Pok has a professional R&D and electronic engineer team to provide comprehensive technical support, including testing, verification and optimization, to solve technical problems, and to provide continuous support and upgrade services.

Quality Control

poke has advanced experimental testing , through strict quality control process, such as ensuring that each product meets the equipment standards and customer requirements, to provide high-quality products.

Intellectual Property Rights

We have passed ISO9001 certificate, European and American BSCI factory inspections, and obtained CCC, GS, CE, FCC, RoHS,UL and other certifications.

Packaging And Logistics

Provide professional packaging design and reliable logistics services to ensure safe and reliable transportation of products.
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