Hair Dryer supplier
High Speed Hair Dryer 
● Self-cleaning function 
● High wind speed 22m/s 
● Low noise
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Lincinco is a Hair Dryer supplier in China, we boast a 60-person R&D team, driven by innovation, while our company employs 400 dedicated professionals and is renowned for its unparalleled production efficiency. 
As a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer, we proudly count Midea, Xiaomi, Haier, and Walmart among our esteemed partners. Furthermore, we have acquired various certifications, including ISO9001, CCC, GS, CE, RoHS, REACH, and PSE.
Our Plasma hair dryer products find their way to discerning customers in America, Canada, Korea, Russia, France, Germany, and beyond. Discover how our high-speed hair dryers seamlessly integrate technology, efficiency, and quality to redefine your hair care experience.
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Plasma hair dryer
360° Rotating Air Nozzle
Different Shapes Find Multiple Sides Of Themselvesr
Air outlet/air nozzle
The air nozzle can be rotated arbitrarily and detachable. 
Any shape is uniform whether vertical or inside Buckle, smooth air blowing fashion sense
custom hair dryer
High Appearance Level 
Must Be Reversed Cleaned
When the machine is turned or you can enter the cleaning mode
hair dryer manufacturer

Plasma Hair Dryer Specifications

Hair Dryer supplier
Intelligent High 
Speed Hair Dryer
Quick dry hair | glorious takes a person
custom hair dryer
The Air Stream Blows Up 
And Dries Quickly Without 
Waiting Too Long
hair dryer manufacturer
To get rid of the static in your hair Smooth short tempered Tighten the scales of your hair TQuickly and gently dry hair to improve hair
Millions Of Negative Ions

High Speed Rotating Turbine

Hair Dryer supplier
Low Noise Level More Smooth Running
Plasma hair dryer
Innovative Bal Anced Heating 
Body Design 1500w Power
Heating tap tower design, step distribution, can be efficient heating, balanced temperature conduction, coordinated air protection net blowing balanced hot air. Fast dry your hair while reducing heat damage, just the right temperature to fully care for your hair
custom hair dryer
Multiple Mode Adjustment
A variety of wind temperature and wind speed options,suitable for all kinds of hair

Advantage of Lincinco Plasma Hair Dryer

Provide custom hair dryer, discover the future of hair drying with Lincinco's advanced technology and innovative design. Our Plasma hair dryer is engineered to address common hair care concerns while enhancing your daily routine.

Thermo Control Technology

Our exclusive Thermo Control Technology safeguards your hair from excessive heat by alternating hot and cold airstreams. It monitors air temperature 100 times per second and adjusts it to prevent damage.

Color LED Ring Light & Low Noise

Customize your drying experience with the LED ring light. It operates quietly at 75dB, ensuring a peaceful environment.

High-Speed Brushless Motor & Fast Drying

Our 110,000 RPM motor delivers a wind speed of 22m/s, drying your hair 2x faster than traditional dryers.

Safe & Lightweight

Weighing 0.5kgs, it's ideal for home and travel. The ergonomic design and snag-free filter mesh make it safe for all.

Negative Ionic Hair Dryer

Two hundred million negative ions lock in moisture and leave your hair silky, frizz-free, and naturally shiny.

Enhanced Durability

Lincinco's Plasma hair dryer is built to last, offering superior durability and longevity. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to a trusted, hair care companion

All-Around Plasma Hair Dryer Manufacturer Solution

01 Exterior Design

Our custom hair dryer blends aesthetics and functionality, ensuring the High-Speed Hair Dryer is visually appealing and user-friendly.

02 Engineering Design

Detailed planning in the engineering design phase optimizes performance and durability, ensuring a robust product foundation.

03 Raw Material Procurement

We prioritize quality, sourcing raw materials exclusively from trusted suppliers to guarantee component integrity and longevity.

04 Component Assembly

Skilled technicians precisely assemble components, strictly following design specifications to prevent any discrepancies impacting product quality.

05 Electrical Wiring and Circuitry

Careful installation of electrical wiring and circuitry ensures seamless connection of components, with stringent quality checks for electrical safety.

06 Quality Control Testing

Unwavering commitment to quality control means rigorous testing for each Plasma Hair Dryer, ensuring adherence to specified performance standards.

07 Complete Packaging

Strategically designed packaging combines durability and aesthetics, safeguarding product integrity during transit.

08 Warehouse Delivery

Our state-of-the-art warehouse employs efficient logistics, meticulously organizing orders for prompt and precise B2B shipments.

Strength And Partners

Why Choose Lincinco

Flexible Production

Order the quantity you need with our low MOQ policy.

Customized Design

Collaborate with international brands for a unique appearance and enhanced features.

Efficient Manufacturing

Our 400 skilled employees, advanced equipment, and strict adherence to specifications ensure efficient production and timely delivery.

Customer Service

Enjoy a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer service via email.

Technical Support

Rely on our professional R&D team and international standard testing. We hold ISO9001 and BSCI certifications.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our self-developed core technology has earned us CE, ROHS, CETL, and other international certifications, ensuring outstanding products.

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