robot vacuum cleaner for home
Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum J300
● Smarter Laser + Gyroscope DualNavigation System
● SLAM Dual Location,Wall sensing
● Multi Map saved on APP,Intelligent Partition cleaning
● Smarter Y shape simulated artificial mopping
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Product Parameters

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
360 Degree 
Full View Scanning
Mapping out your room in seconds 
Design the best and most efficient cleaning path

robot vacuum cleaner for home
Enjoy Your Intelligent Life
Compatible with Google Home & lexa,Alice etc.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer
We Got All Functions You Need
Your Reliable Housework Keeping Helper
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Instruct The Robot 
Go To Anywhere You Want
robot vacuum cleaner for home
Software Virtual Blocker
ABIR R20 comes with virtual No-Go Lines, 
easily block the areas which you don't want it go
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer
Muulti-Map Saving
Create floor plan for each floor 
Easily take care of your multi-floor house
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Map Out Your Room In Real-Time 
Design The Best And Most 
Efficient Cleaning Path
robot vacuum cleaner for home
Smarter & Faster & more acurrate
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer
Innovative Y Shape 
Mopping Mode
Back and farth mopping way, 
Simulated Artificial Mopping to achieve better 
cleaning effect

Assistance Navigation

Robot Vacuum Cleaner
3600mah Lithium Battery
Supports up to 120mins of one time constant cleaning Fulfil 240mins cleaning time once turn on "Breakpoint Continue" Buton
robot vacuum cleaner for home
3000Pa Powerful Suction
Deeply clean, grab dust, dirt&large debris etc.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Electric Controlled Water Tank
Precise control of water output
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Advatage of Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Home J300

The Laser J300 combines advanced technologies for a smart, efficient, and customizable cleaning solution, meeting diverse customer needs.

Smart Navigation

The robot vacuum cleaner for home features Smarter Laser Gyroscope Dual Navigation, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning. Smart lasers and gyroscopes combine for accurate navigation, providing a reliable cleaning solution.

Multi-Map Convenience

The app's Multi-Map saving allows users to save maps of different areas. This flexibility facilitates seamless transitions between rooms, offering a customized cleaning experience.

Enhanced Location Technology

SLAM Dual Location technology allows real-time mapping and locating. This optimizes cleaning paths, ensuring thorough and systematic cleaning for customers.

Selective Cleaning

Intelligent Partition Cleaning lets users choose specific zones, providing a personalized solution. This customization ensures the robot addresses high-priority areas, aligning with unique preferences.

Wall Sensing

Wall Sensing adds intelligence, enabling the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to detect and navigate around obstacles. This feature ensures careful cleaning without causing damage, providing peace of mind.

Efficient Mopping

The Y-shaped simulated mopping enhances cleaning efficiency by replicating human motions. This innovation goes beyond traditional vacuuming, providing a thorough cleaning performance for customers.
We are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner for home, manufactured to perfection, and delivered on time and within your budget. Experience excellence in home cleaning today!

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