Customized Intelligent Cleaning Robot

Lincinco offers you a wide range of customization options

Exterior Design

Offer customization options for the overall appearance and aesthetics of the cleaning robot.
Provide the flexibility to modify the shape, contours, and style of the robot's exterior.

Shell Craftsmanship

Offer different shell materials and finishes, such as matte, glossy, or metallic, for the robot's outer casing.
Provide customization options for the texture, pattern, or surface treatment of the shell.

Brand Logo

Incorporate the client's brand logo onto the intelligent cleaning robot for brand recognition and visibility.
Ensure that the logo is seamlessly integrated into the design for a cohesive and professional look.

Optional configuration

battery capacity, water tank capacity, UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp, traction assist

Color Selection

Provide a wide range of color options to match the client's brand identity or personal preferences.
Allow customization of the robot's color scheme to create a unique and eye-catching product.


Customize the packaging design to align with the client's branding and marketing strategy.
Offer options for personalized packaging materials, labels, and product descriptions.

All-Around Robot Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Solution

Lincinco has a modern intelligent production factory and has obtained CCC, IS09001 and other certifications. It has standardized production lines for processing, assembly, packaging, and inspection.

Innovative Design

Our factory excels in merging functionality with aesthetics. The design team ensures products not only meet but exceed market expectations.

IQC Incoming Inspection Room

Our raw material warehouse guarantees a stable supply chain, enabling efficient production planning for timely order fulfillment.

Precision Production

State-of-the-art lines ensure unmatched precision and speed. Advanced tech and skilled personnel deliver high-quality.

Product Testing

Our commitment to excellence extends to thorough product testing. Advanced testing equipment and protocols ensure every item leaving our factory meets or exceeds industry standards.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring product excellence with 100% QC inspection before shipping, guaranteeing top-tier quality for every delivery.

Fast Delivery

Benefit from our advanced production lines, ensuringus to shorten delivery times and provide solutions on time.

Sourcing Household cleaning robot from Lincinco?

For Brand Owners

Enhance your brand with our Cleaning Robots. Collaborate to create innovative, efficient cleaning solutions reflecting your brand's essence.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our cutting-edge production ensures top-tier Cleaning Robots for your customers. Trust our streamlined manufacturing to deliver market-leading cleaning solutions.

For Wholesalers&Distributor

Access high-quality Cleaning Robots at a competitive cost. Partner with us to offer your customers unbeatable prices on state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

Why Choose Lincinco?

Shell Craftsmanship

Offer different shell materials and finishes, such as matte, glossy, or metallic, for the robot's outer casing.Provide customization options for the texture, pattern, or surface treatment of the shell.

Factory Price

Use our best robot vacuum cleaner at wholesale prices, allowing you to save money and effectively reduce production costs. Low MOQ: We value every customer and provide low MOQ to meet large-scale and small-scale production needs.

Efficient Production

The company currently employs 400 people, has advanced equipment and efficient processes, and delivers high-quality products on time.

Quality Control

Lincinco has a professional R&D team, passed ISO9001 certification, European and American BSCI factory inspection, and obtained CCC, GS, CE, FCC, RoHS, UL and other certifications.

Packaging Logistics

provide professional packaging design and reliable logistics services to ensure safe and reliable product transportation

After-sales Support

Lincinco team is always available to provide you with after-sales support, such as product installation, warehousing, shipment and on-time delivery.


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