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As a Chinese supplier with more than 10 years of industry experience, Lincinco proudly presents the cordless pool cleaning robot, revolutionizing pool maintenance. We have our professional R&D team ,And passed ISO , BSCI, CE, FCC, RoHS and UL certifications to meet the import needs of global customers.
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Cordless Robot Pool Cleaner L20

Lincinco cordless robot pool cleaner L20, equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable battery, the battery life is up to 140 minutes, and it only takes 2.5-3 hours to fully charge. It features an advanced cleaning system that easily removes debris, leaves and small stones to ensure a thorough cleaning of your pool.

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pool cleaning robot
Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner L20

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Pool Equipment Manufacturer In China, Customized For Your Project

Here at Lincinco, we are the source factory offering high quality robot pool cleaners at competitive wholesale prices. Elevate your customers' pool cleaning experience with our range of innovative solutions.
We can customize a solution according to your needs, including appearance, function, depth and packaging.

The Benefits of Cordless Pool Cleaning Robot L20

Upgraded Cleaning System

The Lincinco L10 features a powerful dual-drive motor design for enhanced durability. With two larger water inlets and two scrapers, it easily removes debris, leaves, and small stones, ensuring thorough cleaning of your pool.

Large Battery & Fast Charging

The Lincinco L20 robot pool cleaner can clean up to 1000 ft² of pool area. It is equipped with a large 5000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 140 minutes. A full charge only takes 2.5-3 hours.

Self-Parking & Versatile

When the battery is low, the Lincinco L20 cordless pool cleaning robot automatically parks near the pool wall. It can be easily retrieved using a retrieve hook. It is suitable for flat swimming pools with a slope below 15 degrees, including above ground, in-ground, and framed swimming pools.

Easy to Use, Assembly & Cleaning

With just one click, the Lincinco L20 can be thrown into the swimming pool and start working automatically within 30 seconds. The machine is easy to open and all parts can be flushed with water for effortless assembly and cleaning.

Advantages of Robot Pool Cleaner Over Tethered Pool Cleaner

Unrestricted Mobility

Cordless Robot Pool Cleaners operate without cables, offering greater freedom of movement and eliminating tangling risks, whereas tethered cleaners are limited by cable length and positioning.

Enhanced Safety

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaners have no cords or electrical connections in the water, reducing the risk of electric shock, making it safer for swimmers compared to tethered cleaners.

Hassle-Free Setup

Cordless pool cleaning robots require simple setup with no complex installations. Just charge the unit and place it in the water, while tethered cleaners need proper cable placement and power connections.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Cordless pool cleaning robots use rechargeable batteries, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to tethered units that require a continuous power supply. This makes them more eco-friendly and cost-effective.

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