best robot window cleaner
Window Cleaning Robot LR10

Robotic Cleaning Manufacturers in China LINCINCO LR-10 Ultrasonic Robot Window Cleaner

LR-10 is he latest innovation in robot window cleaners. With its sleek and attractive design, this advanced robot combines ultrasonic water spray technology with powerful suction for thorough and efficient cleaning. Equipped with an embedded UPS, it ensures the robot stays securely attached to windows even during power outages. Experience a new level of convenience and cleanliness with the LR-10.

Product Information

best robot window cleaner
Window Cleaning Robot 
With Water Spray
Ultra-thin body, strong wiping and decontamination

9 Core Performances Give You A Clear Vision

best robot window cleaner
Alternate Water Spray And Wipe
Alternating cycle, clean and transparent,Double wheel,twist and wipe like manual wiping.
5600Pa Suction,Strong adsorption, strong cleaning. UPS power failure protection can be adsorbed for 20 minutes when power failure.
robot window cleaner
One Key To Start 
Intelligent Control

Powerful 2800Pa Suction for Deep Cleaning

LINCINCO is one of the robotic cleaning manufacturers in China, LR-10 robot window cleaner uses strong suction to adhere firmly to glass surfaces, ensuring enhanced safety and cleaning efficiency.

Ultra-Slim Body for Versatile Cleaning

With its slim 68mm profile, the best robot window cleaner delivers intense 2800Pa suction power while remaining quiet. It can easily clean anti-theft windows and measures only 295x145x68mm.

UPS Power Failure Protection with 20-Minute Backup Battery

Embedded UPS safeguards the robot from falling even during power outages, providing uninterrupted cleaning for up to 20 minutes.

Smart Route Planning for Comprehensive Cleaning

AI-controlled routes, equipped with advanced sensors and circuitry, ensure thorough coverage and minimize missed spots, reducing unnecessary repetition.

Mountaineering-Grade Safety Rope for Ultimate Security

Equipped with a 4m mountaineering-grade safety rope and safety buckle, ensuring worry-free window cleaning with an 80kg load-bearing capacity.

New Intelligent Water Spray Technology

Using just 1ml of water to clean 1 square meter. One tank can clean up to 30 square meters, meeting all your cleaning needs.

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