window cleaner robot
Front And Rear Water Jet Then Wipe Alternately Forward
Clean the left and spray the left Spray right to clean right

Lincinco Is Your Trusted Window Cleaner Robot Partner

We specialize in best intelligent window cleaner robot, with an 20000 sqm factory and skilled team. From sleek design to comprehensive OEM/ODM services, we offer cutting-edge technology tailored to your needs. Trust LINCINCO for innovative cleaning solution.

Window Robot Cleaner LR21

LINCINCO is one of the leading window cleaning supplies in China, has launched an innovative window robot cleaner that cleans windows easily and efficiently.
Our flagship LR-21 window robot cleaner is designed to clean a variety of surfaces including glass and tile, with or without a frame. This automated window cleaner has intelligent route planning and automatic water spray function, which can effectively remove dust and stains. It is also equipped with an intelligent language system, allowing you to have a clearer and brighter vision. Experience the future of window cleaning with Lincinco!

Product Information

automated window cleaner Two-way water jet window cleaning robot
One Key Start Window Cleaning Start Your Smart Life
Save your mind and effort              Good Cleaning             Enjoy life

9 core Features Give You A Clear Vision

window cleaner robot
Intelligent Ultrasonic Atomization
Double Water Spray
Automatic spray of mist - like water vapor in metal spray sheet Spray 0.1ml accurately each time, 
and say goodbye to manual spraying

Upgrade Corners Do Not Hurt Edges

After the upgrade, the bearing Angle is adopted, which is safer Encounter window aedge corner will not hurt the edge surface.
window robot cleaner
User-friendly interaction is conv-enient and easy to worry about
APP remote control to enjoy palm smart cleaning experience is simple and convenient, Clean Life with Wisdom
automated window cleaner
The UPS is powered off for 20 minutes
Accidental power failure can also adsorb for 20 minutes and continue to alarm, at the same time. Equipped with mountaineering level safety rope lock, for the high-rise window cleaning escort.
Protection measures
Intelligently anticipate danger
High-rise window cleaning is safer, more comfortable, clean andtransparent from inside to outside the horizon is clear and bright

Product Details

window cleaner robot
Multiple Security Protection lntelligent Risk Avoidance
They can also be used at home

Why choose Lincinco window cleaner robot LR21

Climbing Safety Rope

Can bear up to 135kg.

UPS Power Failure Protection

Uninterrupted suction for 20 minutes.

Powerful Suction

2500Pa Firmly adheres to prevent falling.

High-Rise Buildings Use

Multiple Safety Protections, Intelligent Risk Avoidance

Intelligent Ultrasonic Atomizer

Dual Spray, Metal atomizer plate automatically sprays fine mist during cleaning, replacing manual wetting for effortless cleaning.

Dual-Sided Water Nozzles

Left side sprays water when cleaning left, right side sprays water when cleaning right.

Efficient Ultrasonic Water Nozzle

Atomizes 18um water mist, combined with glass cleaning agents to effectively soften and remove stubborn stains.

Dual-Slot Technology

Large capacity for two full cleanings of 30-50 square meters of glass.

40ml Water Tank

Ample capacity for cleaning a family's windows twice.

Remote Control via App

Enjoy smart cleaning and simplify your cleaning routine with a convenient and intelligent cleaning lifestyle.

Intelligent Route Planning

Precise sensors and edge detection for upgraded obstacle avoidance, reducing collisions and glass damage.


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