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LINCINCO is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of robotic window cleaners in China. Our dedicated R&D team, state-of-the-art robotic solutions aim to revolutionize the way you clean your windows. With advanced features and sophisticated engineering, our robots provide efficient and thorough cleaning for residential and commercial spaces.
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robotic window cleaning
Double Disc Wipe
Alternating cycle, clean and transparent,Double wheel,twist and wipe like manual wiping.
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Window Cleaning Equipment LR11_03-1
Spray and wipe altemately, precise water spraying
cientifically preset spray angle / spray frequency / spray range
Wet and dry wip
Spray water while wipe, no trace after wiping, dry wipe when water tank is empty.

Advantages of Lincinco Robotic Window Cleaner LR11

30ml water tank with large capacity

The robotic window cleaning features a 30ml water tank, allowing you to fill it once and clean the entire house twice. It can cover 20-30 square meters of glass and evenly sprays water every 10 seconds.

Four-in-one functionality

The robot combines adsorption, dust locking, decontamination, and water-saving features. It efficiently absorbs dust, locks it in, removes contaminants, and saves water, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Atomized water spray technology

Utilizing atomized water spray technology, the robot provides precise and thorough cleaning. It eliminates the need for manual water spraying, making window cleaning more convenient and effective.

Alternating spraying and wiping

The window cleaning equipment employs a strategic approach by alternately spraying water and wiping the wet area with a high cleaning rate. It is suitable for cleaning large glass, mirrors, windows, and other smooth surfaces, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning.

Automatic water spray control

The robotic window cleaner precisely controls the water output, using only 1.4ml of water to clean 1 square meter of glass. The metal water sprayer accurately sprays 0.1ml of water each time, minimizing wastage and maximizing water efficiency.

Safer with double disc suction

Electronic robotic window cleaner works with a built-in vacuum motor, which helps it to suck air and to stand on the glass surface. Single disc suction power is equal to 2800Pa, double suction wheels with double adsorption, with multiple safety protection to ensure the safety of window cleaner.

Why Choose LINCINCO?


Window cleaning supplier, direct factory, enjoy competitive prices, and low MOQs for cost-effective solutions.


Our dedicated and skilled R&D team drives continuous innovation, ensuring cutting-edge products.


All our robotic window cleaners come with design patents, guaranteeing unique and exclusive features.


Rest assured with our ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS certifications, ensuring superior quality and compliance standards.

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