Best Window Cleaning Robot
Professional Design Of Square Body, Less Leakage Of Corners
After repeated comparisons, we found that the square body has less leakage and high coverage, and the corners of the outer windows that are hard to reach by hand can also be cleaned.

Best Window Cleaning Robot

LINCINCO is a cleaning robot manufacturer in China, focuses on the R&D and production of best window cleaning robots.The Lincinco window cleaning robot is perfect for frameless windows. With an ultrasonic water spray nozzle and a 50ml water tank, it nebulizes water into mists and evenly sprays it on the glass, mimicking the effect of human breath. Say goodbye to manual water spraying as the Lincinco robot cleans your windows effortlessly, ensuring a spotless and clear view.

Product Information

window cleaning robot
2800Pa High Suction
Recognize the glass, suckit when you put it down, bring
 strong down force, and erase all kinds of stains on the
cleaning robot manufacturer
Wipe The Glass To Clean
Spray water while wiping, no trace after wiping Empty water tank can also be used as normal dry wipe
Best Window Cleaning Robot
Upgrade The Corner Without Hurting The Edges
After the upgrade, the bearing type cormer is adopted, which is safer It will not damage the 
edge-sealing surface when encountering the comer of the window edge

Edge Scrub Sensor

Timely adjustment when touching edges

UPS Power Failure Protection

Adsorption on glass for 20mins after power failure

Floating Wipe Holder

Lock suction to prevent pulling and loosening

2800PA Suction Power

Vacuum adsorption, Firm suction

5-Layer Wipe Design

Stable adsorption with the intermediate pressure layer
cleaning robot manufacturer
Non-slip Special Track
Multi-layer composite material track design
Innovative synthetic material, the outer layer is highly adhesive silicone, the middle layer is highly elastic and tough composite Ru bber, inner layer of strong friction material with ears designed to adhere to smooth surfaces.
window cleaning robot
40ml Water Tank:
Larger wiping area, one injection of water can cover 40-50 square meters
(Only infused with conductive water and non-corrosive cleaners)

Best Window Cleaning Robot Details

Green light: charging is complete
Orange light: charging
Red light: Machine Abnormal
Blue light: normal operation
Safety rope hanging hole
One-button start
Safety rope hanging hole
Water tank flling port
Exhaust port

50ml Water Tank

Ample capacity to fill once and clean the entire house twice, covering 10-20 square meters of glass.

Upgraded Corner Cleaning System

Safely cleans corners without scratching edges, leaving no tracks behind.Intelligent tracks and planning . Smart navigation with three directional cleaning modes for efficient cleaning.

Two Sets of Spray Points

Humidity of cleaning cloth is just right ,Metal sprinklers, spray 0.1ml water accurately each tim

Non-Intrusive Noise And Non-Skid Design

Quiet operation with noise reduction technology, while the specially-designed crawler ensures stability and traction.

Precise Planning, Intelligent Tracks

3 directional cleaning modes can be flexibly switched with higher cleaning efficiency. It only takes 2.5 minutes to clean 1 square meter of glass.

Double Disc Suction Cup Safety

Our electronic window cleaning robot has a built-in vacuum motor, 2800Pa suction, which can provide strong suction and stability on the glass surface.


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