Robotic Vacuum Pool Cleaner Skimmer​ L40 - Breakthrough features

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Robotic Vacuum Pool Cleaner Skimmer L40

It is exciting to learn that 90% of bacteria in your pool are found on the waterline. You require a powerful robot cleaner that 

should actively scrub the waterline. The Pool cleaner skimmer does so by sticking to the waterline, eliminating all the dirt. 

The robotic vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer L40 is all you need to ensure a clean pool.

Follow this article keenly to the end and get what you deserve to know for properly cleaning your pool. 

Where to buy the Pool cleaner skimmer L40?

Pool Cleaner Skimmer

The robotic vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer L40 cleaner has exceptional features that will help you effortlessly clean the pool. 

The robot has premium scrubbing capabilities, among other powerful technological capabilities. This robot cleaner combines 

wall climbing and waterline cleaning to allow deep cleaning in your pool. You can easily clean your pool with this fantastic 

L40 robot. Check out the exciting features it comes with;

Products Specs

Product Name

Robotic vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer L40

Maximum Pool Size


Cleaning Coverage

Waterline, Walls, Floor


Two years

Delay Feature


Default Cycle Time

2 hours

Weekly Timer


Filter Type



Fiberglass, Vinyl, Liner, Gunite

Full Bag Indicator


Cable length

60 ft

Anti-tangling Swivel




Pool shape

Rectangle, Freeform, Oval


Ladder, Ledges, Pop Ups, Steps, Drain cover

Number of Brushes


Lightweight Design and Portability- the robotic vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer L40 weighs 19.051 pounds only. This makes it 

easy to lift and handle. This gives you the ease of use, especially when you need to recharge the robot. The thin body exhibited 

by the pool robot cleaner ensures efficient and effortless cleaning is carried out.

Powerful Active Scrubbing- with powerful suction, the robot vacuum cleaner can offer intense scrubbing. The pool cleaner 

robot features two high-speed scrubbing brushes that facilitate the fierce scrubbing. This leaves the pool surface sparkling clean. 

The robot features powerful brushes thatensure the desired result.

Easy Access Top Load Filter- You will no longer have to touch the debris when loading the filter. All you need to do is lift the 

filter out as you unsnap the bottom and rinse the filter.

Ease of use- You are not required to follow any installation procedure as the robot is ready to start its cleaning magic. There is 

also no plumbing, extra pumps, or anything else needed for you to set the ball rolling.

Functions and Operating Instructions

Robotic Vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer

Power on/Off function

You must long press the function button for 2 to 3 seconds. You will see an indicator light. The motor and other hardware 

self-check will start as this shows that the machine has entered the working mode. You must press the function button for 

2 to 3 seconds for the device to shut down. You will have to turn off the self-start function.

Cleaning Function

Once the robot cleaner is powered on, the left and right propulsion motors and roller brushers will be activated. The roller 

brushes roll in the clockwise direction.

Working Mode Switching

You will have to short-press the function button. You will be switching between fast and normal cleaning modes. The prompt 

light will switch. Remember, the power on the robot will be in normal mode.

Charging Function

The robotic vacuum Pool cleaner skimmer L40 allows you to recharge it using electricity or solar energy. There is an indicator 

light flash that you should notice whenever your pool robot cleaner starts to charge. The flashlight from the adapter will be 

steady once it has come to a full charge.

Smartphone App Function

This pool robot cleaner is compatible with the myDolphin app features an excellent user interface, connectivity, and technology. 

You can easily schedule the cleaning sessions and view the cleaning progress and history.

Barrier and Escape Function

Whenever the robot cleaner approaches an obstacle, it has radar sensors that cause the machine to avoid the barriers.

Quick Actions

· Charging- it is recommended that you use the provided adapter. There will be a light flash when the robot starts charging, 

and the battery power is not full

· Turn on the power- Place the pool robot surface L40 into the pool and press the power switch for a long time. You will 

notice light flashes and the buzzer prompts.

· Into the water the device powers on, the pool robot cleaner will operate automatically for 3 seconds.

Disassembly and Cleaning of the storage basket

It is simple to disassemble the storage basket. You must remove the storage basket in the direction of the indicated arrow. 

You will be set for cleaning as you assemble it back to its position.

Troubleshooting guide

The power button is not responding- the battery is low. It would be best to recharge your robot cleaner using the available 

charger adapter.

The adapter does not respond when charging- the battery has been stored for a long time, and the power is significantly 

low. You must wait a few minutes for the battery to gain enough power.

The brush does not rotate- a barrier or foreign object may be stuck between the brushes. You will have to clean up the 

foreign materials.

Battery power and long-term storage

For the batteries to be stored appropriately, they must be recharged first. Every three months, the batteries should be recharged 

for 40% to 70%. If a battery stays long, it will self-discharge, and the voltage will run below the discharge protection voltage level. 

You are advised to use the original charging adapter when recharging the batteries.

Warranty information

The Pool robot surface L40 has undergone all the required quality control and safety qualifications through the factory production 


When it comes to warranty, you need to understand the following;

· The warranty is only valid for two years after purchase

· If unauthorized personnel modify, abuse, or repair the product, it will be void.

· In the quest for the claim or repair of the product, the warranty period must be on presentation of the sale invoice provided at 

the time of purchase.






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