Window cleaning machine
Window Cleaning Robot LR28
●New arrival 
●Dual nozzles auto water spray 
●Frameless detection 
●Voice assistant (optional)
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Product Parameters

Robotic Window Cleaners
We Got All Functions You Need
Your Reliable Housework Keeping Helper
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Product Function

robotic window cleaner
Climbing Safety Rope 
135kg Bearing Capacity
Robotic Window Cleaners
High Efficiency Ultrasonic Nozzle 
Atomize The Water To 18um
Ultrasonic nozzle combined with clean glass water Strong softening cleans stains
It takes a wet wipe to clean the glass
Wipe while spraying water, wipe no trace 
Empty water tank can also be used normally dry wipe
Window cleaning machine
Protection Measures Intelligently 
Anticipate Danger
High-rise window cleaning is safer, more comfortable, clean and transparent from inside to outside the horizon is clear and bright
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robotic window cleaner
Sensitive Border Detection Edge
A lot of places in a small home can be wiped by the border

Advantage of Window Cleaning Machine LR28

The Laser LR28 combines advanced technologies for a smart, efficient, and customizable cleaning solution, meeting diverse customer needs.

Power Failure Protection

Utilizing UPS power failure protection, our system ensures a secure shutdown with 20 points of power-off adsorption, enhancing safety.

Intelligent Water Spray System

Featuring an intelligent ultrasonic atomization system, our devices provide double water spray for efficient cleaning.

Firm Adhesion

Boasting a 2800Pa large suction power, our devices firmly adhere to surfaces, preventing drops and ensuring stability.

Intelligent Voice Assistance

Effortless operation with voice guidance ensures user-friendly interactions, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

Climbing Safety

Equipped with a climbing safety rope and a robust 135kg bearing capacity, our devices prioritize safety during vertical movement.

Precision Path Planning

Smart path planning optimizes efficiency, allowing the robotic window cleaner to navigate and clean windows systematically and thoroughly.
We are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art Robotic Window Cleaners, manufactured to perfection, and delivered on time and within your budget. Experience excellence in home cleaning today!

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