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LINCINCO is your trusted vacuum cleaner supplier of premium quality best wet dry vacuum cleaners. As a leading manufacturer with a professional R&D team, our cordless wet dry vacuum cleaners are designed to provide superior cleaning performance, whether you need to deal with wet spills or dry debris. With options and features like adjustable suction and durable construction, our cordless wet and dry vacuums are the ideal solution for all your cleaning needs. Contact us now to learn about our products and receive a timely quotation.

Wet Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner L61B

Our Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners feature advanced design and innovative technology. With a lightweight and portable appearance, easy-to-use control panels, and adjustable suction options, they allow you to tackle different cleaning tasks with ease. L61B has one-button self-cleaning, no need to manually clean the roller brush and machine, and it can be washed and dried immediately, making cleaning more worry-free. And the bottom of the floor brush is equipped with a UV lamp, which can effectively sterilize the floor while cleaning the floor.

Product Information

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At The Same Time
3 in1 vacuum & mop & wash
best wet dry vacuum cleaner
One Click
Fresh Water Spray
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Suitable for
most surfaces
Equipped with two kinds of brushes to adapt to different cleaning requirements
best wet dry vacuum cleaner
Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner L61B Features

Advantage Of Best Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner L61b

Wet and dry dual-use

vacuum first and then mop, no need to manually clean the roller brush and machine, wash and dry immediately, more worry-free cleaning

Soft and hard brush

suitable for short-haired carpets, ceramic tiles, composite floors, stone bricks and other floors

Removable battery patent

optional backup battery can be reused, battery 
life up to 50 minutes

Easy Maintenance And Convenience

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed for user convenience.

Versatile Cleaning

Designed for tough messes, the cordless wet and dry vacuums feature a powerful motor and a dedicated filter that effectively captures fine dust particles, pet hair and larger debris for a thorough and deep clean.

Value-added functions

Voice broadcast, intelligent reminder, more convenient to use, UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

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