Window Washing Robot Manufacturer Advanced LX-8 Window Cleaner

Introducing the LX-8 Ultrasonic window washing robot, the pinnacle of window wash robot innovation. This cutting-edge robot designed by a leading Chinese manufacturer, combines ultrasonic water spray technology and powerful suction, equipped with a large 50ml water tank, can wipe 30-40 square meters, providing unparalleled cleaning efficiency. Its sleek and attractive design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. With embedded UPS capability, the LX-8 remains securely attached to windows even during unexpected power outages.

Spray And Rub Alternately Accurate Coverage Of The Entire Wiping Track

Reasonable use of the principles of spatial analytic geometry and surface equations, scientifically preset the three key quantities of nozzle angle, spray frequency, and spray water volume, wipe the wet area with a high proportion, and the cleaning rate is high.

Wipes Evenly, Covers Accurately

After the lower wheel is wiped, the upper wheel is wiped again, and the cleaning covers the entire wiping track

Alternate Spraying And Wiping, Precise Water Spraying

Scientific preset water spray angle/water spray 
frequency/water spray flow

Alternate Spraying And Wiping, Precise Water Spraying

Scientific preset water spray angle/water spray frequency/water spray flow
window washing robot
EasyCL6.0 Depth Al System Excellent Configuration Above The Mainstream
The eye-catching new-generation language design is integrated with powerful cleaning performance, starting from the core, strengthening the control system and path planning system

Security System Upgrade Not afraid of danger Hard core protection measures

window washing robot
window wash robot
APP Smart Interconnection
Easy To Grasp The Precise Window Cleaning Dynamics

*Scan the QR code to download and install the APP software to the mobile phone ( The APP download QR code is printed on the color box and manual )

9 Core Performances Give You A Clear Vision

The performance benchmark of the whole system configuration,Technology Breakthrough Deep Cleaning.Full-window free operation is convenient and worry-free

One Machine With Multiple Functions Wipe Various Interfaces

Glass, tile walls, mirrors, tables, floors and other flat objects can be wiped

Why Choose Lincinco window washing robot LX8

Metal Brushless Motor High Efficiency and Long Lifespan

The LX-8 window washing robot is equipped with a powerful metal brushless motor, delivering exceptional cleaning performance with high efficiency

Smart Route Planning for Comprehensive Coverage

Efficiently clean every inch with AI-controlled routes, advanced sensors, and circuitry, minimizing missed spots and unnecessary repetition for a thorough cleaning.

Deep Clean with Powerful 2800Pa Suction

Experience a thorough clean with the LX-10 window cleaning robot's strong suction power, firmly adhering to glass surfaces for enhanced safety and efficient cleaning.

Intelligent Water Spray Technology for Efficient Cleaning

Utilizing just 1ml of water per square meter, the LX-10's intelligent water spray technology maximizes efficiency, with a single tank capable of cleaning up to 30 square meters.

Uninterrupted Cleaning with UPS Power Failure Protection

The embedded UPS feature ensures uninterrupted cleaning, even during power outages, with a 20-minute backup battery for continuous operation.

Nvenient Operation Voice Control & User-Friendly App

Effortlessly control the window cleaning robot through voice commands and a user-friendly app for a seamless cleaning experience.


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